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Pre Operative Instructions


IV Sedation

If receiving IV sedation, please no eating or drinking 8 hours prior to the procedure. Small sips of water can be taken with medications. Otherwise if not being sedated you can have a light breakfast or lunch beforehand.



Take all medications prescribed as directed for other medical reasons. Be sure Dr. Britten is aware of all medications you are taking preceding your surgery.



Sedation (relaxation medications) may be prescribed for use prior to surgery. It is imperative that you have someone drive you to and from the appointment. We will be happy to notify them when your surgery is almost finished.


Comfortable Clothing

Please be sure to wear comfortable, loose fitting and short sleeved clothing to your appointment. It is helpful to do so for easy access to your arms for blood pressure monitors, IV sedation equipment, etc.



Ladies, please wear minimal makeup on the day of surgery.


Cold Packs

Prepare several cold packs by putting damp washcloths in small zip lock freezer bags. These should be put in your freezer for use the first few hours following surgery to help reduce swelling. Frozen vegetables like peas and mixed veggies make great ice packs as well.


Food & Drinks

Have available an assortment of nutritious drinks and soft foods that can be used for a few days post surgery, ie) yogurt, pudding, soups, fruit juices, pasta, cottage cheese, and eggs.


No smoking or alcohol

Please no smoking or alcohol use 24 hrs prior to surgery as both can affect the healing process.