Did you know? Periodontal disease is usually more severe towards the back of the mouth and between the teeth because these areas are more difficult to keep clean and free of plaque.  Just look at these very differently shaped molars!

Interdental brushes serve as an alternative or even great addition to brushing and flossing. They can be used daily and can be effective for plaque removal. Proxabrushes, or interdental brushes, are a type of interdental cleaner, meaning it is used to brush between the teeth.  For many patients, they are easier to use than dental floss. There must be at least a small space between the tooth and gum for the brush to pass, so it is ideal for back teeth and/or areas where there has been bone loss, and wider spaces between the teeth.  For most people with treated Periodontal Disease there is no other interdental cleaning aid that works as well as an interdental brush.  A proxabrush typically wears out within two weeks when used daily. A supply of replacement brushes should be kept for ease and speed of brush renewal.

They are available on handles (similar to length of toothbrush handles) or in travel sizes.  A travel proxabrush is covered by a cap that sheaths over the brush. This form of ProxaBrush is conveniently kept in ones pocket or purse, and thus is good for those individuals who want to clean between their teeth during the day, or to take to restaurants or trips.

Who Should Use Them?

  • Anyone who finds flossing difficult
  • People who don’t like to floss
  • People with exposed roots
  • Deep dental pockets
  • Areas of bone loss or gum recession
  • Areas where teeth are missing
  • Previous gum surgery which has exposed more tooth and root anatomy
  • Larger spaces between the teeth
  • Grooves and concavities in teeth and roots
  • People with braces – great around brackets and wires

How To Use Them

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