Evaluation of Result & First Periodontal Prophylaxis

This visit takes place in the first 2-3 months following surgery.  Dr. Britten will re-chart and examine the treated area, and confirm that you are stable.  Since personal oral hygiene is compromised while the sutures are in place, a professional cleaning will aid in the healing process by keeping bacteria from getting back under the gums.  This is usually a one-hour visit and may be in addition to your normal cleaning schedule.  Then it is up to you!

Periodontal Maintenance “Cleanings”

Periodontal disease is a chronic condition our goal is to control the disease; we can’t cure it.  Your body has demonstrated that it needs help in keeping destructive bacteria from getting back into your gums.  Once you are stable, professional dental cleaning and examination at regular intervals is critical.

Some patients have questioned why they need to return to our office.  Since we have extensive experience treating patients with severe forms of periodontal disease and in detecting early changes, you will have better long-term stability if you remain under our care for periodic professional cleanings.

Depending upon the severity of your case, Dr. Britten may recommend that you have your teeth cleaned every 3 – 4 months.  These cleanings will alternate with Your Family Dentist. Together we can protect your gums and teeth. The following is an example of an alternating cleaning schedule:

  • January – Cleaning with Dentist
  • April – Cleaning with Periodontist
  • July – Cleaning with Dentist
  • October – Cleaning with Periodontist

Working Together with your Dentist

It is very important that your Family (restorative or general) dentist see you for cleaning visits on an alternating basis.  Both of our offices will provide a professional tooth cleaning at these visits, however, in our office the focus is definitely the gum tissues and health of the bone.  The focus of the cleaning and check-up at your general dentist will be to ensure that crowns, bridges, and fillings are healthy.

Home Care

Adequate home care after any periodontal treatment is crucial if you want the results to last!  Removing the plaque at home will help in preventing destructive bacteria and calculus (or tartar) from reforming between cleaning visits.   We will continue to help you with home care and provide tips and techniques for getting the best results; please ask for help if you need it!

Remember, your long-term periodontal health is directly dependent upon how well you care for your teeth at home and maintain your cleaning visits with Dr. Britten and your general dentist!

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