Are missing teeth causing you to miss out on life?

Don’t miss out on life because of missing teeth or loose dentures. Modern dentistry can replace everything from a single missing tooth to missing teeth in an entire section of the mouth. If you have questions about different dental implant options available, feel free to ask your dentist or dental specialist. Restoring your smile can help restore your confidence!

Stop the bone loss that can lead to premature aging!

Stop the bone loss that can lead to premature aging.

Losing one or more teeth can start a change of events that can affect both your physical health as well as your appearance, such as:

  1. Gap in your smile
  2. Loss of chewing function
  3. Inability to eat a complete diet
  4. Bone loss
  5. Jaw bone atrophy
  6. Prematurely age your face

The good news is: Tooth replacement with dental implants offers a solution to help prevent bone loss.

Tooth replacement options:

Crown and bridge and full or partial dentures can address the cosmetic problem of missing teeth, but cannot stop bone loss. A fixed bridge requires that two or more healthy teeth be ground down to serve as posts for a bridge.  With implants, however, the other healthy teeth are left alone.

Dental implants transmit chewing forces to the jawbone, reducing bone loss.  That’s why dental implants are now considered the standard of care for tooth replacement.

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