Here at Britten Periodontics, Dr. Britten and his dental hygiene team work together with our patients to tailor home oral care recommendations, focusing on a very personalized approach to treatment and prevention.

Home oral care is such an important contributor to oral health, and can help lessen the need for extensive dental problems. Here are some of our top tips to good oral hygiene!

Our last Blog Article Covered the Importance of Proper Toothbrushing.  Now, let’s talk about how and why to clean well between your teeth – daily!

The areas in between the teeth cannot be reached with a toothbrush. This is the primary cause for most gum disease and dental decay!!  This is why it is so important to clean between your teeth every day.  Traditionally, floss has been used to remove this disease producing bacteria, but softpicks and interdental brushes (also known as proxabrushes) are available in sizes and gaining in popularity because they are easy to use, and for some patients, even more effective than flossing alone!

Softpicks are also a great tool for daily use between the teeth, for tighter spaces. They come in Original, Advanced (With a curved, longer handle) and a bigger size for Wider Spaces


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