The beverages Americans are consuming daily are a MAJOR contributor of tooth erosion and decay. SOFT DRINKS, ENERGY DRINKS, and SPORTS DRINKS have an extremely high amount of processed sugar. Both the sugar levels in these drinks and acid levels are a cause for alarm for dentists.

Clearwater, Florida Periodontist Dr. Todd Britten warns that soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks are causing tooth erosion and tooth decay, particularly in younger patients.

“While diabetes is now a well-publicized national epidemic that is gathering more and more attention, most media coverage ignores the root cause of this epidemic – dietary SUGAR.” And Dr. Britten says the increase of sugars is not only found in foods, but he has noticed the beverages that Americans are consuming daily to be a MAJOR contributor of tooth erosion and decay. He goes onto explain that “SOFT DRINKS, ENERGY DRINKS, and SPORTS DRINKS have an extremely high amount of processed sugar!” While Dr. Britten recognizes that sugar is causing a major increase in Diabetes in both the older and younger population, he says it is also a cause for alarm for dentists with its’ negative affect on patients’ dental health.

Dr. Britten says, “Most sodas have 30 grams, or approximately 8 teaspoons, of pure sugar per 12 ounce serving. It is common to get a “super-sized” soft drink at a convenience store or fast food restaurant that provides even more. Additionally, these drinks have a pH of 3.0, which is very acidic!” He explains that the combination acid and sugar attack can cause rampant tooth decay that sneaks up on the drinker before they recognize it. “Most dentists would even agree that Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper are two of the most potent decay-causing sodas on the market.” So much so that there is a term for it… “Mountain Dew Mouth.'”

Dr. Britten cautions, “It is important for parents, teenagers and young adults to limit their soda and energy drink intake, brush and floss carefully, use fluoride toothpaste, and have regular dental checkup visits.” And, he says, if your drink has more than 6 grams of sugar on the label, consider something else. “Diet soda is not a recommended alternative as the pH is still very acidic and some evidence suggests certain ingredients to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) over time. “As you could probably guess,” he says, “the most healthy drink available for your teeth is natural spring water! (pH = 7.0, perfectly neutral).”

Britten Periodontics & Implant Dentistry is a periodontal practice offering patients personalized dental care in implant dentistry in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Todd Britten received his Bachelor of Science & Doctorate of Dental Surgery from University of Florida, a Master’s Degree and Certificate in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry; and completed extensive training at the Institute of Advanced Laser Dentistry. He is one of the only board-certified periodontists in Pinellas County. He is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, American Dental Association, Florida Association of Periodontists, Upper Pinellas County Dental Association, Hillsborough County Dental Association, Hillsborough County Dental Research Association and Florida West Coast Dental Association.

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Pictured is an x-ray of a 35 year old with healthy teeth, and a 29 year old after a Mountain Dew addiction.

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