On Friday November 13th, Dr. Todd M. Britten and the team at Britten Periodontics & Implant Dentistry held their 6th annual Day of Care for Veterans. Dr. Britten and his team are aware that dental coverage for veterans for major dental surgery can be very hard to attain, so they “hit the ground running” in 2015 trying to deliver periodontal care to as many veterans as they could. Dr. Britten says he owes the success of the event for the last 6 years to the help of local dentists, Dr. Carey Bonham, Clearwater Dental Associates (Dr. Keith Kiskaddon, Dr. Nolan Allen, Dr. Matt Burton, and Dr. Jim Hayslett and Dr. Keith Kiskaddon), Dr. Jeffrey Ellenberg, Dr. Ira Berger, Dr. Michael Podlusky and the local Community Dental Clinic.

Dr. Britten provides advanced periodontal surgical treatment and dental implant care for veterans in his Clearwater, Florida based periodontal practice. He offers sedation options and high-tech treatment, which can be very helpful to veterans that suffer from PTSD.

For Britten and his team this event is something they look forward to all year long. They keep in touch with veterans from previous events and this year they were able to provide follow up exams, x-rays and periodontal maintenance procedures, which help prevent reinfection of the gums following treatment. “It is always great to see them again and the progress they have made in their oral health. It is touching to be a part of something that has changed someone’s life in such a positive way,” said one of Dr. Britten’s volunteers.

Dr. Britten explained that local restorative dentists and their teams have volunteered each year to help provide comprehensive dental care to our veterans. As a periodontist, Dr. Britten’s specialty is the surrounding structures of the teeth; roots, gum and bone; i.e., the foundation. The restorative specialists have done fillings, crowns, and even full sets of dentures for veterans at no cost each year. “Our practice alone has provided over $56,000 in periodontal procedures for patient,” said a dental hygienist at Britten Periodontics who has helped to coordinate the event each year.

Dr. Britten says he would like to continue this event for the entirety of his career. “I have always respected the sacrifices that our veterans and their whole families had to make to ensure our safety and freedom. The sacrifices are really innumerable.”

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