Care for your dental implants just as well as you would care for your natural teeth. Thorough oral hygiene is necessary to prevent diseases to develop around the implants. With proper home care and regular professional maintenance, you can make your new teeth last throughout life. There are various types of implants which may need different home care.
Mucositis (gum inflammation around implants) and peri-implantitis (bone-loss around implants) is caused by dental plaque. Therefore, it is important to clean all implant surfaces, especially between implants and the adjacent tooth. Pay extra attention to the areas where gums and implant meet. Sometimes this can be hard to see where the implant is, so remember to ask your dental professional exactly where your implants are placed. In case of pain or suspected inflammation, a dental professional should be consulted as well.
Watch This Helpful Video about how to use one of our favorite products for implants. And don’t forget to use fuzzy dental floss or interdental brushes to clean in between your implants! Check our blog for other articles on how to use implant floss and proxabrushes around implants!

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