How 3-D Technology is Revolutionizing Implant Dentistry for Patients

Here at Britten Periodontics, as a periodontist and dental implant specialist, Dr. Todd Britten wants to ensure his dental implant patients have the best care possible using the latest technology available. By using advanced 3-D technology, Dr. Britten explains that he is able to obtain and review high-quality images for dental implant planning and even create a 3-D printed surgical guide.

When a patient is ready for a dental implant, Dr. Britten explains the first step is often to take a 3-D CT scan. Dr. Britten said he invested in a scanner that is both comfortable for patients, but provides high quality images at the lowest radiation levels possible. “The PAX-i3D Green is a digital imaging system that provides multiple views of a patient’s jaw and mouth. A 3-D digital scan can now be taken at the same visit in place of a tradition dental impression.” We have a Medit i-700 scanner, making the scanning experience for our patients comfortable and easy. This digital impression can be done at the same visit as the CT scan.

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