Immediate dental implants are often necessary due to a non-restorable fracture of a tooth. In some cases, there may be infection associated with the cracked or fractured tooth. The procedure begins with an exam, 2-D and 3-D x-rays. A diagnosis is made and treatment options are discussed. An immediate dental implant is the treatment of choice. Any pre-operative study models that are needed are taken.

Surgical Procedure:  The patient is generally well sedated with either oral or IV sedation. Just like any other procedure, topical anesthetic is applied prior to local anesthesia administration. Impressions of the teeth are taken if necessary prior to the tooth extraction. The fractured tooth is removed very carefully to minimize any damage to any surrounding bone. At the time of surgery, Dr. Britten can determine if immediate implant placement is possible. This is the part you don’t always know until you get there. Additional bone grafting is often necessary to fill the voids between the dental implant and the remainder of the extraction socket. In addition, a membrane, soft-tissue graft or platelet graft (L-PRF) may be used to protect the bone graft.

As an implant specialist, Dr. Britten is highly trained and experienced in the most advanced and current technologies used for long-term implant health and success. He believes in using the best diagnostic tools as well as the highest quality implants in his practice. Dr. Britten works closely with the best restorative dentists in the Tampa Bay area to obtain the best possible outcome for his patients’ implants.  For more information, contact us at 727-586-2681

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