Dental anxiety affects many patients and can hinder them from taking the next step to achieve their oral health care goals. Dr. Britten is highly trained and certified in both IV conscious sedation and oral sedation.
He is one of the few Periodontists in the Tampa Bay area who offers IV sedation. Sedation dentistry can provide a calming experience for patients who have experienced high
levels of anxiety related to dental treatment.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation helps even our most anxious patients remain relaxed and comfortable during procedures. Many patients feel as though they, “went to sleep” during the sedation.
The goal of IV conscious sedation is not to provide general anesthesia but instead to allow our patients to remain conscious and relaxed with minimal risk during the procedure.

Is a prescription medication that can relieve anxiety patients feel before and during their dental exam. It allows patients to respond verbally and physically to directions all while in a very “restful” state.
Patients using oral sedation will need to be driven to and from the procedure.
You may be a candidate for Sedation Dentistry if you have experienced any of the following:
High Fear
Had traumatic dental experiences
Difficulty getting numb
A bad gag reflex
Very sensitive teeth
A fear of needles and shots
Aversion to the noises, smells, and tastes associated with dental care

For most periodontal procedures, a local anesthetic is utilized to numb the area being treated.
Some anesthetics are short acting and others last several hours. Dr. Britten will determine which local anesthetics are best for the procedure.

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