Dr. Britten accepts your dental insurance as an out of network provider. What does this mean for you?
Understandably, many patients often have questions when it comes to understanding and utilizing dental insurance benefits, especially if extensive dentistry is needed. Dental insurance can provide assistance for dental health care expenses, however, often procedures that are covered often vary widely and the benefit to us is often below the actual cost of treatment.
When choosing how to budget for dental health care, or choosing the right benefit plan, it is important to take into consideration the different types of plans available. There are usually two main kinds of insurance plans: group plans or individual plans. A group plan, typically offered by your employer, is often a better value for your money when it comes to dental insurance. These plans have lower premiums and reasonable benefit coverage. Your benefit package can vary greatly depending upon what your employer has negotiated with the insurance company. Group plans often include dental HMOs, PPOs and indemnity plans. It is important to investigate if the plan that you select will allow you to see the doctor you want to see as well as receive the care you deserve. HMO’s typically only let you visit a doctor within your network, whereas a PPO and indemnity plan will still allow you coverage outside the insurance company’s “network”. Another type of plan, an individual plan, is also available. These plans are often more costly in the long run than simply “paying as you go” for your dental care. These plans can have high premiums and restrictive limitations on treatment and reimbursement.
As an out-of-network provider, our office can provide a treatment plan that is based on your clinical needs, overall health, financial limitations and desires and preferences. Following an extensive exam, and thorough consultation with Dr. Britten, you can make better decisions for your dental health care that are in your best interest to support lasting oral health:
Your periodontal health has an effect on your daily quality of life as well as your overall health. Addressing dental issues in earlier stages will save money in the long run. But no matter if you are experiencing a minor or isolated issue, or a more generalized or even severe issue, Dr. Britten and his staff are dedicated to helping you attain the best possible quality of life through conservative, comprehensive periodontal care. Our goal is to help our patients to restore our patients’ smiles to what was naturally intended: a healthy, natural, beautiful, and functional smile.
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