Implant Planning: What to Know About CBCT Scans

At Britten Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we use 3D low radiation Cone Beam CT Scans for diagnosis and treatment planning. While it only take less than a minute, the scan supports a much higher level of patient care compare to conventional 2D X-ray films. 3D low radiation Cone Beam CT Scans allow a detailed look at existing teeth, bone, nerves, and tissue.

The 3D Cone Beam CT Scan provides three-dimensional and cross-sectional views that allow Dr. Britten to:

  • Examine the quality and density of the bone that will anchor the dental implant
  • Determine the proper treatment approach for each individual patient
  • Determine the precise placement of implants
  • Select the correct type and size of the implants
  • Avoid the nerves and sinuses.

Dr. Britten uses the best materials for implants, employing state-of-the art technology and procedures. His commitment to quality implant care has gained the confidence and earned the trust of many of patients just like you.

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